Define, Share and Automate your tests / specifications

Value types

By default Tmar automatically manages four types of data
  • Text (default)
  • Integer
  • Decimal
  • Boolean (yes, no, true, false)
This means that Tmar will try to automatically convert the input data before passing them to the test method (we will see later, in the developer section, how to override  this behavior if necessary)
It’s possible to enforce the string type by using “ ” (example “003”)
Example :

Value comparison

As we have seen previously,  a trailing  “?” into the column name instructs Tmar to consider the column as a result column.
For each Iteration the value in the column will be compared to the returned value computed by the test method
If there is a single value in the column, Tmar will test equality against the returned value
It’s also possible to use the following expressions ( where “?” is the returned value )
?  <    27
?  <=  27
?  >    27
?  >=  27
27 >=  ? is also a valid expression

Errors display

Tmar is able to detect one error by iteration.
At the test end, Tmar display all errors with the wrong result in red and the expected value in gray.

Execution assertion errors for developers

On a multiline text fields comparison Tmar also display wrong and expected values. Coloration start at the first difference