Define, Share and Automate your tests / specifications
Define, Share and Automate your tests / specifications

Setup your project

Solution 1 - Use Eclipse Tmar-Plugin

Use Tmar-Plugin to setup automatically the project configuration

Solution 2 - Manual setup

1 - Add TMar to your projectbuild path
  • For maven projects, update the pom.xml file. Here is an example :

    <!-- If necessary force the groovy version to use

  • For non maven projects,  add this library and dependencies to the build path :
2 - Create and add file named "tmar.config"
  • This file has to be in a tmar directory in the test project resources directory :



  • Default tmar.config content




                           name = "core/src/test/resources/tmar/description"/>

    <RESULT_DIRECTORY name = "target/tmar-test-results"/>

    <REPORT_DIRECTORY name = "target/tmar-test-report"/>



Add TMar dependencies to your project if you don't already have them

  • groovy-all : 2.0.7

  • slf4j-api : 1.6.1

  • joda-time : 1.6.2

  • txtmark : 0.11

You also need to have Junit, TestNG or Spock testing framework available.