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Table & List comparison, returned list format

Tmar has operators to compare a returned list with a table content
For maximum flexibility, Tmar allows for three multi-dimensional formats as return value
  • List of List, with header columns name in the first list and lines values in the following  
tmar.result =
 ['US','United States'],
  • List of Map, with a Map of fields name and value for each line 
tmar.result =
 ['code':'US','name':'United States'],
  • Map of List with a Map of columns with the list of all the column’s values 
tmar.result =
 'name':['France','United States','Brazil']]
If the table is a single column table, with the in operator, Tmar will also accept a single value as result value from the test class. In that case, Tmar will consider this value as a List with only one element