Define, Share and Automate your tests / specifications

Dealing with tests errors 

Summary of available tests informations :
You can also access to generated HTML report 
  • go to selected test’s HTML report using menu « Open test report » (or using toolbar button)
  • go to project’s HTML test summary using menu « Open Tmar global report »

NB : You can go to right or left column using « Tab » and « Ctrl + Tab » 

You can use « Quick fixes » to fill empty cells using values calculated during last test run
This feature is very interesting when you have build non-regression tests on existing application 
  • select one or more « gray » cells :
  • go to Tmar menu (or contextual menu) and select « Correct errors » 
  • Check the result :

NB : You can also replace specified values with calculated values…

WARNING : This is a a non-standard way, normally you should rely on specification !