Define, Share and Automate your tests / specifications


  • Tmar descriptions are plain text files with fonctional test description
  • Test class are Groovy class which extend TmarXXX class (Tmar4JUnit, Tmar4TestNG or Tmar4Spock)
  • When a test runs,
    • It get values provided by Tmar from the description file
    • Run the Groovy or Java business rules
    • Assigns result values to the Tmar result fields
  • Tmar then compare those values with each expected value and generates a clear and readable html report.

A very simple example

More advanced example

Error report examples

Execution assertion errors for developers

Even for more advanced description, syntax stays very simple.
Thanks to Groovy , no plumbing code is needed to access Tmar description data and assign results

Other html error report example on a multiline text fields comparison 

This example deals with issue tracking workflow transitions
Tmar allows defining test description and producing test result in a way that can be shared between functional and development Team
This opens the capacity to specify by example and to automate acceptance tests
It's a companion for standard java testing framework ( JUnit, TestNG, Spock )
How it works ?
Tmar is working standalone but is also fully supported by the Tmar Eclipse Plugin 
This simple example test Calcultor class multiply operator