Define, Share and Automate your tests / specifications


Images can be added to your Tmar descriptions
Syntax :
#image <image name>
Example :
#image myImage.jpeg
Image files have to be in an /includes subdirectory of the tmar directory tree


Tmar also let you add some url (href links)


Syntax :
#url <link>,<label>;
Example :
#url,Jspresso site;
#url,Lorem ipsum;
To decouple the url, Tmar allows to define shortcuts in the tamr.config file 
Syntax :
<SHORTCUT name = <shortcut> value = "<link>" />



Example :
<SHORTCUT name = wikipedia value = "" />
With this shortcut url to wikipedia become :
#url wikipedia/Lorem_ipsum,Lorem ipsum;


With a similar syntax Tmar let you add links to documents


Syntax :
#document <document name>,<label>;
Example :
#document spec.ppt,Specifications;
linked documents has to be in a /documents subdirectory of the Tmar description directory tree