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Add information at chapter level

A challenge for test result report is to make the link with project documentation
The tags #url and #documents allow to make this kind of link from the tests report files, but often the perimeter of a documentation is much bigger than a test description file itself
To address this issue Tmar has special description files with the name finished by .chapter.tmar (chapter.tmar alone is also a valid filename)
Those file are tmar files but without /table, /each, /sequence or /include statement.
Just formatted text, #image, #url and #documents are allowed
Each time Tmar find a chapter.tmar file in a directory, it include his content in the index.html file
Then the directory name become a link in the index.html file which show/hide the content of the chapter.tmar file
This way your able do make descriptions and link to documentations at a chapter level for a group of Tmar test description
Exemple with a chapter.tmar file in the demonstration directory
chapter.tmar content hidden
chapter.tmar content displayed